Katana Bookends

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Katana Bookends

You are not a Ninja until you have one of these!

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Katana Bookends As a ninja in training (or am I?) it can be hard to find the time to organise all of my books and educational materials. If they are not correctly stored and in a non-anarchic way then my studies will be hindered by this lack of discipline and harmony. Fortunately I decided I was going to stick a huge sword through my entire collection and allow them to become one within themselves. Totally lying (really?)I came across these “Katana Bookends” and the rest is history I guess. 

They’re possibly the coolest bookends I’ve ever had (as if that’s even a statement anyone says with any real conviction.) Here’s the scoop right, the actual brackets hide between the cover of the end books, allowing the katana ends to magnetically grip on to the outside of the book and look as if it were a katana stabbed through a collection of books. 

What more could a person ask for? Nothing is the answer, nothing. I mean, this is the coolest thing ever right? Swords (especially ninja swords) just scream out “I am awesome” and combine that with owning actual books, your awesomeness levels can only increase from here. So you go and enjoy these book ends, and you show the world how good of a person you are. You go Glen Coco.

Technical Details

Bookends with hidden brackets
Plastic Blade/handle ends create optical illusion
Perfect for comic book/action movie fans
Great for DVD collections

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