Lazy Self Stirring Mug

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Lazy Self Stirring Mug

Impress your friends and save your energy with this awesome self stirring mug. Yes that's right... this magical mug does all the stirring for you, all you have to do is press the switch located on the handle so you won't even have to move your hand. This mug is guaranteed to leave your colleagues green with envy!

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Lazy Self Stirring Mug

Are you a laid back person? Too lazy to lift a spoon perhaps? 

Well great news, here at ToxicFox we have the perfect gift for you... The Lazy Self Stirring Mug!

Yes you read that correctly! Never again will you have to waste your precious energy on a tedious task like stirring your own bru, simply press the switch and let the mug do the hard work. The switch has been specially placed on the top of the handle where your thumb sits just to make sure your bru making task is as easy as possible!

Technical Details

The Lazy Self Stirring Mug features:

  • This mug has a fabulous self stirring feature, located on the handle making your bru making task as easy as possible.
  • This fabulous silver and black mug features the message 'Self Stirring Mug' as set text.
  • This mug also comes with a lid.

Please Note:

  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Handwash with a damp cloth only
  • Not suitable for dishwashes or microwaves


  • Weight - 339.0 grams
  • Height - 12.3cm
  • Width - 14cm
  • Depth - 9cm

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