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Man Points Poster I’ve never been one who is scared of my masculinity. 

I embrace it! Bring it on, I say! Sock it to me momma! Let them eat cake etc (I ran out of manly phrases that I knew). 

My friends and I recently had a “LADS night in” it was joyous, we were merry, we drank manly things (like each other’s urine) and had general LAD banter all night. This was made even more bearable by the inclusion of a scratch game (not as innocuous as it sounds) entitled: “MAN POINTS".  I think it’s safe to assume the nature of this game. Essentially it’s a scratch poster (you may be familiar with scratch maps, same concept except minus a map,) that has a variety of different “MAN challenges” perhaps the most hilarious thing about this is the manner of the illustrations and the character that demonstrates each challenge. He’s the man that everyone wants to be, beard, ripped, and not afraid to be a man (the mankini illustration and challenge were by far my favourite). 

This is genuinely a great night in with your mates, don’t think it’s restricted to just men, ladies, have a lad’s night in with your girls and see who can be the best bloke. (Whilst you’re at it buy certain crisps and chocolate bars that will for sure annoy the marketing departments of their respective brands).

Everyone shout with me: LADSLADSLADS

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