We've got 10 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

We've got 10 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

Compliment The Chef

GBBO is one of those proper “Mum” TV shows. Sure you may secretly love it too (and let’s be honest here, who doesn’t?) but it’s clearly always really been made for the mums of Britain. So it’s no wonder that when Mother’s Day comes around so many of our bake off obsessed mums are asking for rolling pins, doilies and all that other baking stuff so they can whip up a few scones and live out their fantasies of being a true Mary Berry style chef. The national baking obsession is still in full flow and we’re not about to discourage anyone while there are cakes to be eaten and batter covered spoons to be licked!

So when Mother’s Day comes around you need to find the perfect gift for your bake-off mum to really rock in the kitchen. Our awesome baking gifts offer those little bits that she’s always wanted, but never quite got round to buying. We’re all about looking the part, so when mum’s whizzing around with a mixing bowl in one arm and a wooden spoon in the other, give her that final missing piece with a sweet, stylish apron. We’ve got a massive collection of gorgeous aprons that you can personalise with your mums name, plus some simply delightful Messy Baker designs for that classic, retro feel in the kitchen. Give her something special to put a smile on your mums face while she’s cooking!

We’ve also got plenty of other personalised baking supplies including chefs hats for that professional look, and dips and cheese platters to celebrate Mother’s Day with a posh nibble! You know that with some brand new kitchen goodies, those cakes will taste even sweeter!

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