My Secret Fantasies Diary

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2/6 My Secret Fantasies Diary
3/6 My Secret Fantasies Diary
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My Secret Fantasies Diary

This My Secret Fantasies diary is a sexy gift for couples. 

• 2 sexy sides to this diary. 
• Includes two keys. 
• Keep your darkest secrets locked away.

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My Secret Fantasies Diary Romance never died.

Romance was just hiding itself away in a dark room because it was scared of the mockery and the taunting it was receiving from everyone and everything that ever existed in any way shape or form, scared of the way it was being used as a scapegoat and scared of the way its apparent absence was to blame for the death of nearly everything involving love despite the fact that romance and love are the best of friends and never leave each other’s sides. 

I was holding back a lot then wasn't I?  I’m a huge romance fan. I am a strong believer that romance never died, it just left the building (Elvis Presley on the other hand, did die, R.I.P buddy.) “My secret fantasies” is essentially a lover’s diary with an adult theme. In the words of the description: “2 Lovers, 2 Diaries, 2 Locks” I myself would have added “ 1 Love” but that probably put them in danger of promoting the boy band Blue, and no-one wants that (although I think I just did that, crap). 

If you aren’t sure how a lover’s diary works, or how this one works (which is the entire point of me writing this right?) I shall open your mind. Each person has a side of the diary, and it’s locked, you want your significant other to read what you’ve written (remember, the point of this one is to share your fantasies) then you simply leave it open for your other half to read.

A word of warning, don’t allow anyone to purchase your parents the exact same book, and get them mixed up during a family holiday, and unexpectedly read your mother’s side of the book, and wonder how your father ever became that flexible. She is a pretty good drawer though.

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