Official Fullips Lip Plumper

1/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
2/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
3/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
4/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
5/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
6/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
7/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
8/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
9/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper
10/10 Official Fullips Lip Plumper

Official Fullips Lip Plumper

Get the perfect pout ladies with the latest lip enhancement trend. Introducing Fullips plumper’s. Are you ready to take the Kylie Jenner challenge!


  • Pucker your way to fuller lips
  • As seen in Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail & More
  • Get lips like Kylie Jenner & many more celebs
  • This is an Official Fullips product
  • The original patented enhancement tool
  • Available in Small, Medium & Large
  • Please read instructions before use 

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Official Fullips Lip Plumper

At long last there is a gorgeous accessory for fabulously fuller and healthier looking lips! 

No need to worry about painful injections or chemicals, with our amazing Lip Enhancer from Fullips, you can have perfectly pert lips within minutes that last for hours.  

Beautifully designed, our Lip Plumper fits perfectly into your make up bag or hand bag so you can discreetly and quickly enhance your lips whilst in the office or enjoying a night out.   

If you follow the latest trends, you can also take on the #KylieJennerChallenge safely with our Fullips Lip Enhancer. 

Simply pucker up to get gorgeous celebrity lips (perfect for the selfie pouts with the girls) without the celebrity price tag.    

Technical Details

• One Lip Plumper costs £14.99 (not all 3).   
• Comes presented in a red organza bag   
• Includes usage instructions & tips   
• This is not a toy!   
• Strictly not to be used by under 18’s  

How To Use:

1. Clean Fullips enhancer with mild soap and water. 
2. We recommend lightly exfoliating lips and the surrounding area first, with a soft cloth or toothbrush as this will help achieve better results.  
3. Wet the area around your mouth with water, this moisture is not necersary but may help establish tighter suction which is key to a good result. 
4. Position your Fullips enhancer over your mouth and lip area, hold in place and begin sucking short puffs of air out of the enhancer, continue until solid suction is established and enhancer is firmly around mouth (You may have to move the cup around to establish a tighter suction). 
5. Let lips relax into the enhancer, you should feel a gentle pulling sensation which is perfectly normal. The amount on time for leaving Fullips on will vary for the individual but begin in 15 – 30 second increments 

Helpful Tip: Use finger to help break suction.

Important Points: 

• Gentle Suction Only: Hard suction is not necessary and can cause bruising.  
• Start Slowly: A few seconds at a time, check and repeat.  
• Moisture: water or moisturizer around your mouth area will give you a better seal, especially if you have dry skin or are older. This is really important if you are having trouble getting good suction.  
• Relax: Relax your lips into the enhancer.  
• How To Use Video: Watch the how to use video for tips & ideas of use. There are many different techiques so the demos should be helpful, for additional instructions see leaflets included within the product. 

It Is Important That You Read: 

Anybody who has had lip injections and / or fillers should not use Fullips products. If your lips or mouth are under a doctor’s care, use of this product should always be checked with your doctor prior to using or If you have any concerns of the use of this product. 

If you have any issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, mouth issues, oral surgery,  cold sores, bruising, bleeding medications, blood thinning issues or take blood thinning medication, check with your doctor first. For the avoidance of doubt, please always consult your doctor prior to purchase and use, as unfortunately items cannot be returned due to health, safety and hygiene regulations.  

Used correctly, you will be extremely happy with the results, misuse of this product does not make you look any prettier. Use responsibly. 

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