Perfect Woman

1/2 Perfect Woman
2/2 Perfect Woman

Perfect Woman

Haven't found your perfect woman yet? Look no further!

• Finally a woman who loves all the things you do.
• Blow her up and take her out.
• The most low maintenance girlfriend ever!

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Perfect Woman
Having a little trouble with the ladies? Don't worry because the perfect woman is right here waiting for you! Just take one look at her sparkling blue eyes, gorgeous blonde hair and massive boobs. You'll be smitten.

Okay yes, she's only 50cm tall and, yes, she's technically "inflatable", but don't let that stay in the way of true love. In all other aspects she's perfect! She loves football, she never nags you, she won't complain about your friends and she'll go with you wherever you want to go. Where else are you going to find a sexy woman like that?

Technical Details

  • Inflatable woman
  • Stands 50cm tall

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