We've got 8 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

We've got 8 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

A Card Says a 1000 Words

Can you believe they've last so long? Keeping together all those years is a challenge and something to proud of, it should be celebrated at regular intervals with at least a card. Depending on the couple in question they may have lasted up to nearly 100 years conceivably, over one hundred years is probably pushing it a little but 50 years plus is certainly possible and enviable!

Every year gone is an achievement and so it is customary that a gift and card will be given to celebrate! Cards have that special quality in that they are an inexpensive and practical way to say what you feel which is easily displayed to the rest of the world. Cards also are at a huge advantage vs other forms of affection and acknowledgement in that they can recycled, pulped and reformatted in to yet another card, this is symbolic of the on-going and forever evolving state of our relationships post marriage. Best of all, cards are inexpensive and easily sent to loved one’s who may not be close enough for you to visit and congratulate in person.

There’s an anniversary for every year after the wedding but generally people will give cards for certain milestones as follows.

  • 1st ‘Paper’ Anniversary
  • 5th ‘Wood’ Anniversary
  • 10th ‘Tin’ Anniversary
  • 20th ‘China’ Anniversary
  • 25th ‘Tin’ Anniversary
  • 30th ‘Pearl’ Anniversary
  • 40th ‘Ruby’ Anniversary
  • 50th ‘Golden’ Anniversary
  • 60th ‘Diamond’ Anniversary

We’ve put together a large selection cards perfect for any anniversary as well as year specific cards for that those who like to be really specific. Our cards are all personalised so you can add your own custom message to make a card that is that little bit more personal and totally unique. When receiving a card that’s tailored made to them they just feel that you’ve spent more time and effort to get them something special. If you succeed they’ll have your card adorning their mantel piece for all to see and your brownie points will be through the roof.

So if you’re looking for that perfect card for Silver, Golden and Ruby anniversaries you’ve come to the right place, we’re the quite literally the best place to buy your personalised wedding anniversary card, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Need some help finding the right card?

Anniversary Rose Card - This is one beautiful card featuring lots of hearts circulating around a pleasant rose illustration. A great romantic card that of course, you can customise with your own personal message

Golden Anniversary Card - A great card for the golden anniversary, that’s 50 years if you didn’t know.

Silver Anniversary Card - this fetching heart design card is the ideal choice for a Silver (25 years) Anniversary

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