We've got 7 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

We've got 7 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

The Happiest Card of Their Lives

A wedding is an occasion designed from the ground up to be the ideal event for gifting a unique and personal card. Weddings themselves are one of, if not THE most memorable events of most people’s lives and it’s no surprise! Weddings by their very nature are filled with such grand and exciting elements that forgetting one would be nothing short of a monumental challenge, this despite the copious amounts of alcohol usually involved with most weddings.

The fact that the events are so memorable despite the level of alcohol consumption speaks volumes for the magnitude of the event itself. There are three types of cards usually given for a wedding, lets run through them with you.

The invitation card - The first of the wedding card brigade, the invitation card is given by the happy couple to the invitee to let them know they are eligible to enter the wedding without fear of being turned away, something nobody wants on a wedding day.

The Congratulations card - This is perhaps the most common but none the less special type of wedding card. This is given to the happy couple by an attendee to show their congratulations, much the same way that they would in person with the crucial difference being that this is written down to be read back at a later date aiding the memory of the event.

The Thank You card - Last but not least there is the thank you card which is sent by the newlywed couple to the guests to indicate that they enjoyed your company and appreciated your attendance and gift.

You’ll find all three kinds of cards right here and we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range that’s personalised, making it totally unique and personal.

Check out 3 of our favourite Wedding cards

I Do Wedding Card - If there is one phrase that describes a wedding best it’s probably “why did I drink so much last night?” shortly followed by the iconic “I do” so a card that says just that is a brilliant option, even more so when its personalised.

Wedding Day Card - What better way to communicate your desire for the newlyweds to have wonderful day than a card that says exactly that!? The Wedding Day Card is the ideal choice for all well-wishing wedding goers.

Wedding Cake Card - Everybody loves cake, this is a fact and wedding cake also makes a pretty card to give on a wedding day, even better when personalised with the soon to be married couples names.

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