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We've got 1 gift ideas for you Show: 40 | All

Just in case...

We all know that person who's a little too attached to their tablet. They love to tell you about their latest apps, they answer any question with a few taps on Google, and they're never seen without it in their hands. What can you get for the person who loves their iPad more than Kanye loves Kanye, and not only has everything, but has an app for everything too? How about a personalised tablet case that will make their iPad twice as stylish while protecting its precious screen?

Save their tablet from rogue scratches with one of these great gifts. Not only do they keep tablets blemish free, you can personalise them with the name of the iPads proud owner (or the name of their tablet if they're a bit too into it like that...it happens!) so that everyone will know who's tablet they're messing with. We've even got some amazing personalised tablet covers featuring our favourite (and celebs favourite) fabulous, wide-eyed girls from our exclusive ClaireaBella range, and their male companions from MrClaireaBella. Not only will the tablet feature your/their name, but you can personalise it even further by designing a ClaireaBella girl or guy to look just like you (or whoever you're buying it for). With tons of different styles to choose from, you can perfectly match the gorgeous character to the tablets owner, making this the perfect personal gift.

Offering protection for tablets as well as making them look swank and stylish, personalised tablet cases from toxicfox.co.uk are guaranteed to get a great reaction and cement your reputation as a gift hero.

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