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Enjoy a glass of wine with that personal touch

Let's face it, that off-the-shelf gift you were going to buy could pretty much be for anyone. Haven't you ever got a gift for someone and thought 'yeah maybe they'd like this, but it's still missing something...'. You need to find that lovely little personal touch that says 'this exists for you, and only you'. Case in point: you could buy those wine lovers a plain old simple wine glass - and yeah, they'd probably still enjoy it. But get them one of these heartfelt personalised wine glasses and then they'll really know that you care. Because you found them something just for them, that could only be for them. And now every time they have a lovely glass of vino they'll see their name or the message that you've left for them and they'll remember you and how much you care about them.

At we've got so many different styles of personalised wine glasses you'll be able to celebrate any occasion with a different one! Match the glass to the person it's for: do they need to 'Keep Calm and Drink On' or do they have a regular 'Wine O'Clock'? Maybe you want to accompany their name with a kiss, or maybe tell her how special she is. Maybe collect a variety of personalised glasses because, let's face it, when can you have too many wine glasses?

Find a great wine glass from this collection and personalise it with your or your friends name and a special message to show them how much you care, and be a real gift hero.

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