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These Jars Are Sweet Enough.

No matter how old they are, no matter what the occasion is, you just can’t go wrong with a great big jar of classic sweets for that perfect gift that will bring happiness and joy to absolutely anyone. Who wouldn’t love a huge selection of delicious sweeties? Perfect either as a happy gift for someone special or just an indulgent treat for yourself!

We’ve got sweet jars in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect design for whoever you’re buying for, or whatever occasion you’re celebrating with sugary goodness! Each of these amazing jars and hampers is stuffed full of delicious retro sweets that everyone will remember from their childhood party bags. Spread the romance with love hearts, bite the heads off jelly babies, chomp down a refreshers bar and feel the fizzers buzz. All your old faves and loads more are back in these amazing jars.

And to make it even better, you can personalise each of these jars to make them extra special for whoever you buy them for! Add their name and a sweet message of your own to the front of each jar and give a heartfelt gift just full to bursting with happiness! Anyone with a sweet tooth or happy memories of a childhood full of candy goodness is guaranteed to love their own personalised sweet jar!

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