PetaBella Jute Co Bag

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PetaBella Jute Co Bag

Carry your gorgeous pooch in style with this Brand New PetaBella Jute Co Bag.

  • Create your unique dog character

  • 17 Brand new Dog breeds to choose from

  • Add fur colours, markings and textures

  • Features a name of your choice
  • Choose from 3 fab colour edging.

  • Beautifully finished glistening gems

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    PetaBella Jute Co Bag
    Carry your pooch in style, PetaBella introduces the PetaBella Jute Co bag. This cute stylish bag features your very own pooch character which you create yourself, in a choice of 3 coloured edging and handles, pink, black or natural jute.
    Have fun creating your personalised dog by selecting from the custom options. 17 Breeds are now available to choose from. there are trusty Bulldogs, lively Retrievers cute Bichon Frise and the ever so cool Pug to name just a few. Choose the default dog or change by selecting different fur colour and change the fur length, add markings on the head, snout, body, tail, feet and eyes to represent you furry friend.
    It doesn’t stop there, PetaBella proudly presents a brand new range of accessories in various colour combinations. you can change the collar colour, add studs and a dog tag with your dogs initial inside.
    Each bag features a stunning PetaBella dog character of your choice, the ability to include your own text (Any Name or catchphrase) and is finished with glistening gems. On the reverse of the bag you can find a printed PetaBella autograph showing the bags authenticity. 

    Please note: Due to the material used, the designs are printed on to the Jute Co bag.

    Technical Details

    • 10oz Canvas & Laminated Jute
    • Available in 3 coloured edgings. 
    • Bag measures 30 x 30 x 19cm
    • Character appears on one side 
    • Add a name up to 12 characters
    • Signature printed on the reverse.
    7 Steps to Personalise

    Select your breed first...

    1. Breed
    Choose from 17 Breeds
    More Options
    2. Fur Length
    Choose from 4 Fur Lengths
    Choose Colour
    Choose Eye Lash Style
    Choose Eye Colour
    Choose Colour
    Choose Collar Colour
    Choose Stud Style
    Choose Tag Style
    Choose Headwear
    Choose Colour
    Choose Toy
    Add Name for your Pet No special characters (including ö,é)

    Maximum number of characters: 12

    No Special Characters (including ö,é)

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    Estimated Dispatch Date: Monday, May 6th 2019

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