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Predict A Pen

Whatever the query predict a pen is here to help! Use this novelty prediction pen to write your own future, after all we all need a little help when faced with life's tricky little decisions! Simply ask and the answer will be revealed! Buy Now!

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Predict A Pen

Dare you live by the pen? Predict A Pen is here to help with all life's tricky little decisions. Meet your mates tonight? (without a doubt), do some chores? (dude, no way) or sleep with the boss? (not for a million $)! Whatever the query Predict A Pen is here to advise, your just one click away from an unbiased and emotionally detached second opinion! Treat yourself or someone special to this must-have helpful pen!

Technical Details

Simply ask the pen your question, click the top and your answer will be revealed!

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