Scented Sexplosion Bath Bomb

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2/3 Scented Sexplosion Bath Bomb
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Scented Sexplosion Bath Bomb


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Scented Sexplosion Bath Bomb I’m a sucker for all things that have a multi-purpose. Hence why I used to smoke menthol cigarettes when I was a rebellious teenager (they freshened your breath at the same time as making your breath smell like cigarettes, it was a winning situation in my head).

I was handed these spherical objects that felt and smelt like sherbet (DO NOT TASTE IT, I FOUND THIS OUT THE HARD WAY) and was advised to place them in my bath and they would slowly dissolve and I was to wait for the rest. 

(Naturally I threw them in the bath tub whilst shouting “Freedom!”) I waited, I watched the sherbet like object slowly effervesce, but wait up, what is this I see? Three cards have appeared from nowhere, is this magic? Is this the work of a wizard? A sexy wizard? The cards were there all along, inside the spherical object, and we’re talking three “sexually suggestive” cards (I love quotation marks “so much”).
This has changed the game. Not only do I have citrusy and bubbly bathwater, I also have three cards that are aimed to give my sex life a wee little kick (Multi-purpose for the win.) Bath time just became fun again.

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