Secret Love Letters

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Secret Love Letters

Ensure your secret romantic mess sages can only be read by the intended recipient with these fabulous secret love letter pens. The ink is completely invisible in normal light and can only be revealed by shining the 'black-light' beam torches in the cap of each pen. Be creative with these fabulous love letter pens. Buy Now!

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Secret Love Letters

This fabulous secret love letter pen set is perfect for those who wish to keep their love lives a little secretive! The ink is complete invisible and can only be revealed by the beam of the UV black-light hidden in the pen lid. With this set you can send your loved one secret messages without the fear of others reading them! Make your love life a little more exciting with these awesome secret love letter pens! Buy Now!

Technical Details

The invisible ink contains special high brightness ultraviolet compounds that can only be revealed by the UV black-light beam in the pen lids.

Please note - Not suitable for children under 3 years!

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