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Four beautifully sculptured shot glasses that go by the name of "Slammers", these are not for the faint hearted - if you want a shot in style then you've come to the right place..... Just pull up a chair!

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Slammers “A fistful of booze” is probably a favoured quote of mine, although I’m not too sure if it is an actual quote or if I’ve just made it up in order to suit this next piece. Either way; I’m using it as a source of inspiration and humour. Gone are the days of skull shaped shot glasses, the time is here of the fist…shaped shot glasses. 

On order today are the “Slammers” fist shaped shot glasses that I purchased for my younger brother’s 18th birthday party. Finally, tequila slammers will be rightfully and deservingly slammed down without fear of anything breaking or anyone becoming offended, because how can you get offended at novelty shot glasses? It’s impossible. 

These things are sturdy too, I took them out for a test drive (Water, obviously) and slammed them down until the cows came home (subsequently, when they did get home they told me to stop making such a racket, *sadface*) Slam your body down and party all around.

Technical Details

4 x Fist Shaped Shot Glasses

Made from Plastic

Drink Reponsibly

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