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Tetris Light


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Tetris Light Nerds and those of an older generation unite! Are you like me? Do you wish you could illuminate your room or desk in a more unconventional style? Do you get bored of your lamp staying the same shape? Do you wish your lamp would mirror the characteristics and features of an all time classic game? Do you love lamp? I thought so. (By the way, if you re-read that last paragraph in the voice of the X-factor announcer then it is immediately ten times more fun.) I just bought a *insert drumroll here* TETRIS light. Yep. That’s right.

 A TETRIS light.  I’m just giving you a few seconds to appreciate that sentence. Seven different coloured pieces of TETRIS history are mine to shape (over and over again) into an illuminating childhood dream. There’s the square block that everyone appreciates, the straight block that is everyone’s favourite, the snake like blocks (those feisty fiends, never fitting anywhere) and the rest of the TETRIS family (note, making a full line does not cause the lamp to disappear, although you will be awarded pride for doing so, well done you.)

One of the best things about this is the fact that every block instantly lights up should it come into contact with another block, I felt like a wizard whilst discovering this ( I live a simple life, but it’s a simple life with a TETRIS light in it.) #GandalfLovesTETRIS

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