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The Bubbly Bauble

Champagne moments will never be forgotten with the unique Bubbly Bauble. 'Keep the cork - Treasure the memory'!

  • Unique glass keepsake
  • Hand-blown glass bauble
  • Keep your celebration cork
  • Chose from 3 fabulous colours
  • Beautifully gift boxed
  • Scroll included for personal message
  • Display stand included
  • Chain included to hand on tree
  • Can be engraved
  • Make your own tree of memories

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The Bubbly Bauble

As we celebrate those special occasions throughout our lives, we create memories that need to be cherished and remembered for years to come.

As tradition goes, when you pop the cork on that special champagne on your wedding day, the birth of your child, to celebrate a new job or success, the cork should be kept as a special keepsake. However, this usually ends up being popped in a drawer and forgotten about.

If the occasion is worth celebrating with champagne, it's worth treasuring and honouring with the Bubbly Bauble!

The bauble is made from hand-blown glass and is available in 3 fabulous colours each featuring a champagne inspired design.

The bauble comes beautifully presented in a classy presentation box with an informative protective sleeve. The gift box includes the Bubbly Bauble of your choice, a deluxe scroll to write your special memory you wish to treasure, a chain to hang the bauble upon your tree at Christmas and a cork display stand to have the bauble as a display piece all year round!

The bauble can be engraved if you wish with your very own special message.

Once the champagne has been popped, simply store the cork inside the bauble with the scroll and hang on your tree. As the years go on and the celebrations come and go, your Christmas tree will become your very own tree of memories that you and your loved ones have shared.

Enjoy reliving these memories over and over again and make sure non are forgotten. These moments need to be preserved and celebrated...

With that in mind, the Bubbly Bauble was created!

Technical Details

  • Hand-blown glass bauble
  • Can be engraved
  • 3 colours available
  • Beautifully gift boxed
  • Message scroll included
  • Hanging chain included
  • Display stand included
  • Unique keepsake
  • Hang on your Christmas tree

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