The Wine Bottle Glass

1/8 The Wine Bottle Glass
2/8 The Wine Bottle Glass
3/8 The Wine Bottle Glass
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The Wine Bottle Glass

We've all been there. You promise yourself you're just going to have the one glass and, before you know it, the whole bottle's gone! At a certain point you just have to accept one simple fact: you need a bigger glass!

  • Holds a whole bottle of wine!
  • Yes that right… a WHOLE 75cl bottle! 

  • "Finally! A glass that fits my needs!"

  • Presented in novelty gift box.

  • Ingenious design

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The Wine Bottle Glass

Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs! 

Hey, you've had a hard day. You've finally found a break in the madness that is your life and it's time to treat yourself. Don't waste a precious second with trips up and down to refill your well earned glass of vino. Settle down with the wine bottle glass and enjoy the drink you really deserve!

For those too classy to drink straight from the bottle, but not classy enough for one of those poncey, tiny, "proper" wine glasses (no judgements), the wine bottle glass is here! Feel the sophistication of drinking from a traditional wine glass with the satisfaction of seeing a full bottle underneath. This revolutionary glass really does hold an entire 75cl bottle of wine, offering you the chance to tell the truth for the very first time when you say "well maybe just one glass..."

Don't share. Don't refill. Don't make excuses. Just settle down with the only wine glass you'll ever need.

Technical Details

Holds up to a full 75cl bottle of wine. 
Presented in a novelty gift box. 
Message 'Finally! A glass that fits my needs!'  
Please note: Wash before use. 
Handwash only, not dishwasher or microwave safe.
Made from glass.

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