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Happy thoughts For A Happy Home

With a gorgeous word art framed print from Typography of Love, you add a stunning feature to any room of the house to show love for all those really, truly important things in life. Things like good friends, great families and new arrivals don’t need to wait for a special occasion to be celebrated – they deserve to be remembered and thought about every single day. So we want to mix all those happy memories, all those sweet dreams and all those beautiful thoughts together to create some amazing word art stuffed with all the things that fill you up with love.

Our exclusive ToL designs are all totally personalised so you can add all your favourite things to your own framed print. Add ten words of your own that make you happy, remind you of good times and great people, or just give you a bit of a giggle, and we’ll fit them neatly among all our own sweet words like “Love”, “Laughter” and “Dreams” to create a magical word art design personalised just for you.

Pick a design that suits you best for your fabulous frame. There are some great shapes to fit your word art in to for shoe lovers, cocktail fiends or anyone celebrating a new arrival to the family, plus classic heart and square shapes. Filled with inspirational words, these prints are like happiness in a frame. Hang them on your wall and feel the positive vibes flow through your house.

Typography of Love is a fabulous exclusive to and a favourite with all the hottest celebrities. Join the amazing trend and spread the love in your very own home with spectacular word art framed prints.

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