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Personalised Word Art Mugs - Exclusive Typography of Love designs

To make the perfect brew you need to combine lots of different factors. It takes the finest coffee beans, the freshest milk and the most important ingredient: a whole lotta love! Thanks to Typography of Love your brews will always be that little bit sweeter thanks to some fabulous word art mugs that bring a little bit of joy and happiness to every tea break. Because everyone knows that having the perfect mug to drink from really does make everything taste better!

Typography of Love always finds happiness in the little things and a hot brew in our favourite mug when we first drag ourselves out of bed is always something that makes us smile! Get that little boost of happiness every time by picking your own favourite words that bring you inspiration and joy and fit it in these sensational word art designs! Now your mug can be completely unique and totally personal just for you! How many other mugs offer that, especially in such a stylish, gorgeous way? There are even a range of a different designs so you can match your word art to your personality even more! There’s word art for shoe lovers and cocktail fans, plus classic heart shapes to spread the love a bit more and even pram shapes for anyone with a beautiful newborn! Put your baby’s name in the centre of the design to make a truly precious mug.

Celebrate all the things you cherish the most with a beautiful selection of happy, lovely words featured on your everyday mug. The perfect way to wake up in the morning is with a brew that warms your heart as well as it warms your belly!

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