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Personalised Wall Art - Exclusive Typography of Love designs

If you love to keep your life fabulous, then let your home reflect that! Why let all those walls of your house stay plain and boring when you can glam them up in an amazing way that brings positivity and inspiration to your entire home? We hate to see a big bare space going to waste above a bed or sofa, so we want to fill it with some gorgeous, love filled word art that will celebrate all the things you cherish most. These incredible wall stickers feature some amazing Typography of Love designs that can become a huge, beautiful feature of your home.

Typography of Love picks out the most beautiful words of love and happiness to create some gorgeous, iconic word art in a range of different designs. Each word art wall sticker is completely unique, because you provide a selection of words that mean something special to you. What word always brings back a happy memory? What word reminds you of your favourite things? What makes you think of the people you love? Pick your favourites and add them to these incredible designs to create word art that perfectly suits you and your home!

These great wall stickers are already a favourite with celebs as well as thousands of others who loving personalising their walls with some unique word art. They’re so easy to stick up and will instantly brighten up any plain old wall. With loads of different shapes and designs to pick from it’s easy to decorate your home in a special, inspirational way that’s completely different to any other home!

Turn every room in to a work of art with fabulous word art wall stickers from Typography of Love.

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