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For The Maniacs We're Scared To Love

We’ve all got that side of us that we try to hide deep down inside. That little inner bunny boiler who usually only comes out when we’ve had a little too much to drink. The side of you that makes Miley Cyrus look like a calm, normal human being. The side that you try to hide from the one you love because you’re scared of what they’d think of you if they knew. Well we reckon it’s time to get over all that! With all the romance flying around this Valentine’s Day, the world needs a few bunny boilers to shake things up a bit and now’s the time to let them all out! Go on, give it a go. You might just be surprised at how well they can actually handle you at your craziest!

It’s the bunny boilers who make life interesting, who keep us alert and on our toes, knowing that anything could happen at any moment. We love all the wildness that they bring and we wanna see more of it! Don’t let this Valentine’s Day be all about those normal romantics, let out your wild side and let everyone see who you really are inside! Why give flowers when you can give one of these awesome WTF gifts, and see the confused, bemused, WTF reaction on their face! Who could ever forget the Valentine’s Day where someone special got them a chocolate anus? Going bunny boiler with your gifts is a surefire way to make that massive impression and show them the kind of hilarious nutter you really are!

All the weirdest, rudest and wildest novelty gifts are here just waiting for you to unleash your maniac bunny boiler side! If they’re scared off by a little WTF, then they probably couldn’t have handled you anyway!

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