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Non-traditional wedding gifts for the happy couple that loves to be rude.

Most newlyweds register for gifts, and ask for lovely things to go in their new home together like matching bath towels and kitchen gizmos. At we are not fans of that idea. Who really wants a collection of dinner plates for a present? Boooorrriiiing. We say stuff the gift register and the dull houseware - this is a wedding! A time to celebrate two people coming together and sharing their love. Their naughty, dirty love. Oh yeah, time to get them something they'll really use. A little something rude for the wedding night.

For those that think that proper gift giving should shock and surprise, we've put together this collection of risque wedding gifts that are guaranteed to bring a little naughty to the proceedings. From the borderline tasteful to the just plain wrong, these gifts will shock and amaze the happy couple and really jump out amongst all those other gifts from their less fun, less imaginative family members. This is why you're a gift hero - because there's no way they'll forget who got them one of these gifts on the happiest day of their life. And besides - a happy sex life means a happy marriage. You're just getting them started right.

Don't let their wedding become one of those dull, stuffy formal occasions. We bet even Will and Kate would have enjoyed a good old bit of penis pasta to lighten up their special day. It's not all about the vows and the tradition - it's a good time for a bit of fun. It's time to give the newlyweds something they'll really enjoy.

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