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We may not have the underpants or the cape (yet) but boy do we have some unique gift-based superpowers! Here at Toxicfox Towers we dedicate our lives to sourcing the most unique, funny, unusual, silly, personalised and often quite rude gifts (Duck with a dick anyone?) and we do it all because we love gifts, possibly even as much as Bric loves Lamp. We aim to change the world of gifting, one appreciated gift at a time! It’s no surprise then that were one of the fastest growing gift retailers in the UK and the best place to get your personalised presents.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas then why not check out our gift finder? Possibly the easiest and thus best way to find that unique and personal gift; just select a gender, price range and their passion and our fancy new ‘gift find-a-ma-tron‘ (as we affectionately call it) spew out a selection of fantastic gifting ideas allowing your hard worked brain a well-deserved rest and picking out some great personalised gift ideas in the process!

We’ve got your back whatever the occasion, we eat occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversary’s for breakfast and mother’s day, Christmas, Father’s day etcetera, yep we handle those in our sleep. So whether you’re looking for ideas for something personalised, unique, fun, silly, rude, naughty, quirky, trendy you’re in safe hands. Oh and we’re the only place you’ll find ClaireaBella Bags and the amazing new Typography of Love range by Mel Oates, justsayin’.