Test Tube Shooters

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Test Tube Shooters

What better way to liven up a party, than with these vibrant multi-coloured Test Tube Shooters! Read Full Description

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Test Tube Shooters You can fill these test tubes with the concoction of your choice and get the party off to a flying start. Direct from the lab, this is going to get everyone in the mood.

If you've ever been in a club, you've probably come across the 'shot girls', They are the ladies (they're always ladies; we've never come across a 'shot boy', but then perhaps we haven't been going to the right sort of club) who wander around the dancefloor with a tray full of shots, offering them to the patrons in exchange for a small fee. More often than not, they will use test tubes instead of those short, dumpy shot glasses they have at the bar; perhaps they're easier to carry, or perhaps it's just because they look cooler. We don't know.

What we do know is that you can now have six test tube shot glasses of your very own, pass around your very own party potions in the proper scientific method.

Now you really can call all the shots!

Technical Details

6 drink shooters shaped like test tubes, each holds 25ml of liquid and sits in a black plastic rack!

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