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Our fans share their stories

Deloris | The Woman Behind Fighter


Deloris  |  March 2024

We were deeply moved by the heartfelt email from Deloris, a remarkable Breast Cancer survivor who recently reached her incredible milestone of five years all clear - what an absolute triumph!

Deloris's journey not only celebrates her own victory but also honors the resilient community of survivors, fighters, and warriors she represents. It's a privilege beyond measure to be part of her celebration.

In collaboration with the Deloris, we embarked on a journey to create our brand new Fighter Range, dedicated to empowering and celebrating women who are battling or triumphing over cancer and other illnesses.

Deloris was a champion throughout the development process! Her insights, spirit and determination shaped an extraordinary collection that we are tremendously excited to introduce to the world.

The Fighter Range reminds us all of the strength and courage within every woman fighting her own battles. Together, we stand as a testament to the power of community and the triumph of the human spirit.

Proud Jem | Normalising Stoma's


Jem  |  March 2024

Jem reached out to our team to create a character that truly reflected her authentic self. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a teenager, Jem faced a severe flare in 2007 that led to the permanent need for a 'Stoma Bag,' which she affectionately named Bella.

Unapologetically, Jem embraces Bella as a part of her identity and insisted that her character do the same whilst helping to raise awareness.

At the heart of our brand ethos is the celebration of individual identity, making collaborating with Jem an extraordinary journey. We're elated to have played a part in her empowerment and in raising awareness of bowel disease and stomas.

The Stoma Bag has become a permanent fixture on all our Character Builders, embodying our commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Extraordinary Erin | Our First Amputee Character


Erin  |  March 2024

We received a touching email from Laurie, mother to Erin—a remarkable six-year-old born missing her lower left arm.

There’s nothing Erin can’t do 💪🏼 from learning to tie laces to swimming - she amazes everyone around her.

At ClaireaBella we champion uniqueness and individuality, so we couldn’t have been more thrilled to with Erin. She helped our designers to create a character she should truly relate to and a character that helps to celebrate other little girls.

We're honored to be part of Erin's story and remain dedicated to creating meaningful connections that embrace diversity 🤩

Amazing Anna | Inclusive Skin Tones


Anna  |  March 2024

We recently received a touching email from Jennie, the mother of Anna, an extraordinary young girl living with the rare skin condition Ichthyosis.

Anna, a true superstar, expressed her heartfelt desire for her character to reflect her unique appearance, and it was our privilege to make this happen!

Collaborating closely with Anna and Jennie, we developed a new skin tone that truly resonated with them.

The response we received deeply resonated with us: 'When a company goes above and beyond for no other reason than to be inclusive, you have to give them some major props.'Jennie and Anna, we extend our sincere gratitude to you for entrusting us with the opportunity to bring your character to life.

It's been an honor.

Unstoppable Isla | Insulin Pump


Isla  |  March 2024

As a brand committed to inclusivity, we were deeply moved when a Isla’s mum approached us, asking to have an insulin pump added to her character.

We are genuinely thrilled to have assisted in bringing her vision to life. This encounter serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of representation and understanding in our commitment to creating a world where everyone feels recognized and valued.

ClaireaBella Rescued Me

Lisa Hind  |  March 2023

My Claireabella journey started in 2015 and it's been a wild ride ever since.

I still remember the day I got my first jute bag - it was like winning the lottery and I felt like a superstar! From that moment on, I knew I was part of the ClaireaBella family, and I wanted to make my mark with my very own design.

But it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows for me. I struggled with mental anxiety and depression and it felt like I was trapped in someone else's mind. But then, ClaireaBella came to my rescue! Their products, like phone cases and hoodies, brought me so much joy and helped me through the tough times. And now, I'm proud to say that I have a whole collection of ClaireaBella items, including throws and Suitcases.

Wherever I go, people can't help but notice my ClaireaBella swag! I get compliments from men and women of all ages, and it's a great conversation starter. When people see my phone case or brush, they can't believe how big the company is and how many awesome products they have.

But out of all the amazing items, my absolute favourite has to be the ClaireaBella Onesie. It's versatile, cosy, and fits like a glove. Plus, it gives me the chance to show off my unique design! I couldn't imagine life without my ClaireaBella family, and I'm excited to see what the future holds. Xx

The UKs Biggest ClaireaBella Collector!

Tracy  |  Feb 2023

When did you first discover brand ClaireaBella?

I first discovered ClaireaBella back in April 2012 when I attended Essex fashion week. I saw some of your bags being modelled on the catwalk, I later met Claire and purchased my first ClaireaBella bag, an ‘Essex Girl’ bag. This was just the start of my obsession with the brand and since then every time there is a new release, I can’t help but order!

Have you found any of your ClaireaBella products a talking point - Conversation starter?

Definitely! I would say that all products I purchase from ClaireaBella have been talking points at different events. When I am on holiday, people love the beach towels, when I have friends and family around my house my personalised pictures are always a good conversation starter.

I have shared my love for ClaireaBella with the people around me too, I think they make the perfect gifts. I have bought products for my daughter-in-laws, family and friends.

My best friend Lisa gifted me a special ClaireaBella 50th birthday towel and matching bag for my birthday for a trip away. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go due to Covid however, we will be making up for that this year! And my ClaireaBella collection will be too!

What's been your most memorable story with the brand? 

There have been so many different situations, I wouldn’t know which one to use.

Most commonly people will ask ‘Tracy is that ClaireaBella’. I think so many people have the same love for the brand as me. I can’t wait until my grandchildren are older and I can start buying for them.

Out of all the ClaireaBella products that you own what product is your favourite?

It’s so hard to only pick one product, I love them all but I think the Jute Bags and Beach Towels are my go to favourites.

The Fan That Evolved The Brand.

Tania  |  Feb 2023

I first discovered Claireabella back in 2010 when I first saw the cast of Towie carrying the unique bags. I knew I had to have one!

Back then you needed to bid on Twitter for Platinum Jute Bags - it was nerve-racking (with a hint of excitement 😂). You needed to stalk the ClaireaBella website for when Claire would announce the release of the bags - no time was given and they sold out in seconds (it was a rush).

I actually still can not believe I managed to get one and excitedly thinking of an idea for Claireabella to create - they're such a creative team, they really bring your imagination to life... and then iconic pink parcel bag arrives! You just know something amazing is inside 😍

From then on I was addicted!

My most favourite bag which I will treasure forever is the first skin toned bag ever created- up until this point the Characters on the Jute Bags had no skin tones - my tone was the first to be created 💋

During the 2020 lockdown I was so thrilled the brand reached out to me to help advertise their National Hero range. It felt fantastic to be appreciated through such a demanding stressful time, and I just love the fact the brand recognised all of us heroes.

My Nurse Jute Bag was always a talking point at work Xx

Super Fan, spills the tea! 

Shanice  |  Jan 2023

I came across ClaireaBella around 2019 and immediately fell in love with all that it stood for - I was instantly converted to an 'aBella 💝.

I had so much fun making my first ever ClaireaBella, each one of us is unique, whether that's down to a certain body type, tattoo, expression, outfit, hairstyle or facial feature. One thing I do love is the inclusivity of the brand, for me this is important. I have a beauty spot which is completely unique to me and ClaireaBella went above and beyond to include this on their characters - amazing!

Another WOW moment in my ClaireaBella journey was when I got the chance to design my own beach towel which is now available on the site - not many brands are this fan focused - I believe that everybody should have an ClaireaBella in their lives 💝.

I would just like to personally thank everyone at ClaireaBella for everything you do for your fans,  for always taking the time to listen to us and value our opinions you're all amazing 👏🏻💝

Super proud to be part of the 'aBella family and I look forward to seeing what the future holds 🤩😍💝 xxx

Hubby got the 6 pack he always wanted!

Cheryl Harvey  | 16th Jan 2023

I am absolutely in love with this brand! It's so original, bright, fun, and unique - that's what me fall in love with it. It's like a breath of fresh air for my imagination!

I have spend countless hours creating characters of my family and friends, always brings a smile to my face and I have shared a fair few giggles with friends when they've seen their ClaireaBella Mini Me. It's truly addictive and I can't stop creating these vibrant gifts!

My family is now hooked too and they all want characters of themselves, it's so contagious! My husband even got a good laugh out of the character I made of him with a "comb over" hairstyle and six pack (he's still working on that 😂) My niece loved the sassy eyelashes, pout and sass I gave her character.

Creating my own character made me feel confident and proud, it's truly amazing and I can't get enough of it!

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