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ClaireaBella Girls Silver Glitter Water Bottle Flowers

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Type: Water Bottle
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Add some sparkle to your life whilst staying hydrated - with ClaireaBella Girls Glitter Water Bottle, featuring your created character at the centre of these fantastic designs, on these super trending glitter wrapped water bottles! 

Let's talk about the features:

  • Personalised ClaireaBella Girls Glitter Water Bottle
  • Fun & easy to use character builder
  • Beautiful pink flower design
  • Stunning Silver Glitter wrapped bottle
  • Made from strong durable stainless steel
  • A screw on sealed lid (so no spills)
  • Is a 500ml bottle
  • Hot or cold drinks can be kept inside
  • Lovingly made to order in the UK

Stay hydrated in ClaireaBella Girls style!  Join the movement towards a clean and healthy earth. Support a healthy earth with a new personalised ClaireaBella Girls Glitter reusable Water Bottle, featuring your created character and your name on a fantastic design on a gorgeous glitter wrapped stainless steel bottle,

With its strong and durable steel mould you can store it easily in your backpack or schoolbag and never worry about damaging the bottle. Your bottle will keep cold and hot liquids. This cute bottle will not rust and will stay freshly clean after you wash it.

Now have some fun creating your personalised character by using the custom options to pick your body type, hair colour, hair style, eye colour and skin tone, facial expression and perfect outfit and an accessory to place in your characters hand. 

  • Made from stainless steel 
  • Twist on lid with silicone seal
  • Holds hot or cold drinks
  • Handwash with warm soapy water
  • Capacity: 500ml 
  • BPA Free 

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