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ClaireaBella Glitter Effect BrideaBella Suitcase

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Type: Suitcase
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Head on your honeymoon in true BrideaBella Style with this gorgeous ClaireaBella Glitter Effect BrideaBella Suitcase.

Glam Glitter Effect Print Background
Brand New Full Length Character
Create Your Own Character
Glamorous New Customisation Options
3 size cases to choose from
Add any Name
Choice of Beautiful BrideaBella Outfits
Available in a choice of 5 coloured Glitter effects
Please Note: The ClaireaBella Glitter Effect does not contain real glitter

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Get set on your honeymoon with the ClaireaBella Glitter Effect BrideaBella Suitcase. This unique suitcase features a glamorous Glitter Effect background in a choice of 5 colours and will ensure you look super glamorous on your honeymoon. This exclusive suitcase can be personalised with a ClaireaBella character to look just like you.

Now introducing the brand new character creation options, which are fun and easy to use. Your character appear full length complete with stunning shoes. There are so many options to choose from, you can choose your body type and even alter the chest size to complement you. Your character now has a fabulous new brideabella wardrobe to match with a variety of options for all.

Select your hair colour and style and discover the new head wear options from headbands, head phones and much more. We also have fabulous accessories for your character to hold.

Your a'Bella will appear on the front of the suitcase along with your name. This stunning suitcase is made from premium materials all round, featuring 8 rollerball wheels making it extremely easy for pulling along, TSA locks for secure locking.

All suitcases are made to order in the UK.

Please Note: The ClaireaBella Glitter Effect is printed effect and does not contain real glitter.
Please Note: The ClaireaBella Glitter Effect is printed effect and does not contain real glitter.
Small Suitcases Measure: 56cm x 23cm x 36cm and weight just 3.4kg with a generous 52 litre capacity 
Medium Suitcases Measure: 68cm x 26cm x 45cm and weight just 4.1kg with a generous 80/91 litre capacity 
Large Suitcases Measure: 78cm x 28/32 x 52cm and weight just 5kg with a generous 95 litre capacity
*Small suitcases are accepted on most airlines as hand luggage, please do check the dimensions with the airline prior to travelling. 
Each case features a sleek and stylish TSA "Transportation Security Administration” lock which will prevent the suitcase from being unlocked unless the correct combination code is used.
Each case is made from 100% polycarbonate for extra strength 
Each Case Features:
8 roller wheels allowing the suitcase to be rolled in any direction.
Extendable handle 
Internal compartment separator 

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